EcoHydrate™ originates from the Land Down Under. Born and bred in Perth, Australia, we always found ourselves concerned about sustainability and the environmental disaster that are single-use plastic products. 

We often found ourselves searching high and low to buy a water bottle that suited our daily needs. While many stores sold these products, we were absolutely appalled at how in 2023, the primary material used was still plastic. Alongside the endless supply of single-use plastic bottles? Something needed to change

So, we went to the drawing board and devised a solution. We found a way to source drinkware designed out of sustainable materials, such as metals and rubber, that could serve those who truly cared about the environment, and wanted a long term hydration partner that would serve them in every realm of their active life. Innovative solutions for forward-thinking individuals.

The ultimate union between sustainability, innovation and aesthetic. We proudly present to you, EcoHydrate™.